Earning Ticket

To make the staking mechanism more interesting and fair, a leveling system is implemented. Ticket Generator level will be determined by the user’s staking time and users will earn more tickets by staking $PETH longer. In this way even a person, who has staked less $PETH, and long-time $PETH supporters will be able to have more benefits by staking their $PETH longer when compared to a person, who staked more $PETH in level 1 Ticket Generator. In short, level multiplier will enable our long-time supporters to have more benefits.
The process is simple. Users stake their $PETH tokens in Ticket Generator and start to earn tickets. The tickets will be earned daily and users can unstake their $PETH tokens whenever they want. However if a user unstakes their $PETH tokens the Ticket Generator level will be reset. If a user had already staked $PETH tokens and gained some levels but wanted to increase their staked amount, a new Ticket Generator will be created with level 1 and the old staked $PETH will remain the same. So every new staking action creates a new level 1 Ticket Generator. Ticket rewards will be distributed at the end of the day. If a user unstakes before the end of the day the he/she won’t receive the tickets earned that day. The earned tickets will still remain in case of unstaking $PETH even if a user earned tickets but didn’t claim tickets.
The daily earned tickets is simply calculated by (Staked $PETH amount * Ticket Generator Level) /1000
The days needed to level up in Ticket Generator will be calculated by Fibonacci Sequence
Level 1 = 1. Day
Level 2 = 2. day
Level 3 = 4. day
Level 4 = 7. day
Level 5 = 12. day
Level 6 = 20. day
Level 7 = 33 .day
Level 8 = 54. day
Level 9 = 88. day
Level 10 = 143. day
And so on…
For Example:
If a user stakes 1000 $PETH in a Ticket Generator, he/she will receive:
At the end of the 1st day: 1 DAO ticket
At the end of the 2nd day: 2 DAO tickets
At the end of the 3rd day: 2 DAO tickets
At the end of the 4th day: 3 DAO tickets
And so on…