NFT Market

In the Pethereum metaverse, pets are NFTs, that can be sold in the NFT market.

Players can also fuse their pets with other pets or get eggs using their Pethereum Crystals. Players break these eggs, hoping for more valuable NFTs to appear. You can find detailed information about the fusion process in the Fusion section.

NFT transactions can be made through the Pethereum Marketplace and OpenSea. A pet purchased through OpenSea can be transferred to the Pethereum metaverse.

Loop Games receives a 5% royalty from all secondary sales in the NFT marketplaces.

Pethereum uses the Polygon protocol, allowing players to pay low gas fees for their transactions. All transactions can be made through any wallet that supports Polygon.

Recommended wallet: Metamask

Pets purchased with the Pethereum Crystals earned in the game can be transferred to the wallets if desired. This process can only be done via web browsers.

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