This document covers all aspects of the Play to Earn game elements, such as description, dynamics, NFT elements, in-game economy, etc. The team that will work within the scope of the Pethereum metaverse, games and the milestones that are intended to be made with this team are also detailed in this document.

Who Are We?

In our journey that we started in 2019 as Loop Games, we produce games that reach millions of players worldwide with our highly experienced team in the game industry.

We are passionate about making high-quality games that will captivate our global audience. We produced games such as Match 3D and Match Tile 3D that managed to enter the top-grossing 100 in the US Top Charts, and we sold these games to American technology giant Applovin.

Here are some numbers about our games:

*100M+ Total Downloads over Google Play & AppStore

*$50M+ In-App Purchases

*2.5M+ Positive Reviews

What Is Pethereum?

Pethereum is a Play-to-Earn metaverse with no paywall/entrance fee. Players can collect pets freely via playing games on their mobile devices. Every pet collected in the game is also an NFT in the blockchain.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

$PETH token is the governance token of the Pethereum metaverse. $PETH stakers have the right to vote on critical issues about the metaverse.

How to Play?

There are many games in the Pethereum metaverse. Players earn Pethereum Crystals by playing these games with their pets. Players can play Pethereum for free on iOS and Android devices.

How to Earn Income?

In Pethereum there are 3 ways to earn income.

1- Pets of various rarity levels in the game have value in the format of NFTs and can be traded on the marketplace.

2- Players who win game tournaments earn $PETH.

3- Players can stake their NFTs


1- When you enter the Pethereum metaverse, each player is given an egg containing a pet. Each pet has an NFT value and is owned by the player.

2- Players get new pets by getting eggs with the Pethereum Crystal or by fusing the pets they have in their inventory.

3- Players can also earn income by selling these pets in the market.

Thus, players can earn income without an initial investment. They can also make this profit permanent with the game's economic cycle.

What Is the Pethereum Difference?

1- Players can stake their NFTs

2- Unlike many other play-to-earn games, Pethereum games are FREE TO PLAY; there is no entrance barrier/fee.

3- Pethereum's economy is not dependent on new entrants or NFT transactions. Even without these, the game is ECONOMICALLY VIABLE with ad revenues and in-game purchases.

The Pethereum Story

Ten eternal spirits, aka pure spirits called Cat, Dog, Platypus, Cow, Piggy, Bunny, Elephant, Monkey, Dragon, and Unicorn, have ruled the metaverse for thousands of years.

The spirits created friendly pets on a planet called Pethereum to make their lives more enjoyable. Every day, these spirits created new pets from their essence and descended into the Pethereum metaverse to introduce them to their kin and play games together.

These pets were immortal, genderless, and so innocent that they just wanted to make more friends. In time, however, the spirits got bored playing with the pets. Soon, these spirits that used to bring new friends to Pethereum every day started coming less frequently. In the beginning, the spirits visited once a week, then once a month, and then once a year. They were last seen a thousand years ago.

Pets waited for 1,000 years to play with their creator spirits and meet new friends, but spirits were nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, the pets' desire to make more friends persisted. Hoping that the spirits would return, the pets began to research life and comprehend it. This research led them to science. With each life form they analyzed, the pets discovered a special essence that is a tiny part of their spirits. The pets realized they also have the essence within themselves. This information caused the pets to search for more essence in the Pethereum metaverse. On their journey, they discovered Pethereum Crystals. These enchanted gems were stunningly beautiful, but more importantly, they were full of the essence of spirits.

After some research, the pets invented a machine that can fuse the crystal's power with the technology they invented. The machine would accept a certain number of crystals and produce an egg. When these eggs hatched, new pets would emerge that looked a lot like the other pets, and they could be friends with other pets easily. Also, the new pets soon joined the search for Pethereum Crystals.

Over time, the pets discovered that some of their "rare" friends could find more Pethereum Crystals. Thus, to make more friends, many pets wanted to be rarer. This desire led the pets to invent the fusion chamber, which was the product of their advancing technology and expanding knowledge about the essence. The fusion chamber merges two willing pets and their essences into one pet in hopes of making a rarer pet. For pets whose purpose was to collect more crystals, the fusion chamber was a wonderful invention. The pets' need for more crystals and therefore their need for getting rarer pets was solved by the fusion chamber that could make more friends. The pets regularly collect Pethereum Crystals and get new friends from eggs every day, fusing their essences with those of their friends in the fusion chamber and getting even rarer pets.

So, are you ready to make new friends?


Our mission is to create a Play-to-Earn game platform with a sustainable economy and enable players to have a pleasant time while securely transferring assets thanks to the blockchain infrastructure.


Our vision is to create a game platform where players can produce their own games and develop the decentralized council-managed metaverse.

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