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Pethereum is a Play-to-Earn NFT game platform. Unlike other Play-to-Earn games, whose main income is the entrance fees collected from new players, Pethereum offers completely free entry. Thanks to its income model, Pethereum offers various income opportunities for players. In the Pethereum metaverse, luck, skill, and time spent on the game are more important than being early comers.

Unlike other games where the players who come first in the game gain an advantage, in the Pethereum metaverse, players can reach pets with NFT value as they win various games thanks to their skills and the time they spend on games. How rare these pets are will depend on luck. If players are lucky, they can earn a higher income by getting the much rarer "Legendary" pets. Players can turn their rare pets into money by selling them on the NFT market.

Players can also earn $PETH tokens by winning the tournaments held in the Pethereum metaverse. Generating income by selling $PETH tokens that have an Ethereum infrastructure. You can find more detailed information in the Tokenomics and DAO sections.

Each player is given an egg when they enter the Pethereum metaverse, and by hatching this egg, the player gets the first pet.

Players can then earn Pethereum Crystals by playing the games in the Pethereum metaverse with the pets they have. The rarity of the pet, meanwhile, affects the amount of Pethereum Crystals earned in the game. You can find detailed information in the Pethereum Crystals tab.

Thanks to these Pethereum Crystals, players can try their luck by getting new eggs that they hope contain rarer pets. You can find detailed information in the "Rarity" section.

As mentioned, players can sell the pets that they acquired in the game on the NFT market. Likewise, players can also transfer pets that they bought from the marketplace to the game.

Players can also get new eggs by fusing the pets they have, thus obtaining a new pet by hatching their new egg thanks to the fusion of the pets.

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