Pethereum is a Play to Earn game platform that includes over 100 billion unique pets, each of which has an NFT value. The main object of the metaverse is to obtain the rarest pet. For this reason, players try to collect eggs by playing games. These eggs allow them to have new pets until they find the rarest one.

Each player is given a pet when they enter the Pethereum metaverse. With the Pethereum Crystals they earn from the games, players can get eggs that enable them to have new pets by hatching the eggs. You can find detailed information in the Games section.

Completely free tournaments held in the Pethereum metaverse allow players to compete with each other. Winners of the tournaments are rewarded with $PETH, which is the governance token of the Pethereum metaverse. See the Tournaments section for more information.

There are 3 different methods for players to obtain a new pet. · They can either buy a new egg with Pethereum Crystals, or they can get an egg by fusing two pets, or they can buy a new pet from the NFT market.

When players get a new pet, they can again fuse it with another pet, play games with it to earn Pethereum Crystals, or just sell it in the NFT market. It is the main cycle of the metaverse economy. You can find detailed information about the game cycle in the Gameloop & Economy section.

Players can fuse the pets they have. As a result of fusion, a new egg emerges. Thus the metaverse journey of the parent pet ends. In this way, the balance of rarity in the metaverse is preserved. You can find detailed information in the Fusion section.

Pets that emerge when players break eggs can have a variety of physical characteristics, such as ears, noses, eyes, etc., and these elements determine the rarity of pets. Each physical trait has a different rarity level. More information can be found in the Rarity section.

Players can buy, sell and stake NFT-valued pets in the marketplace or keep them in their collections. They can also use the pets they purchased in the game by transferring them to the Pethereum metaverse.

Beta version of the Pethereum is available on iOS and Android. You can find download links in Platforms section.

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