Pethereum Ticket Generator

Pethereum Ticket Generator is a mechanism that enables $PETH holders to earn tickets by staking their $PETH. By staking, users will earn DAO tickets daily and these tickets can be exchanged for particular rewards. You can find details of these rewards in PETH Ticket Benefits tab.

To make the staking mechanism more interesting and fair, a leveling system is implemented. Ticket Generator level will be determined by the user’s staking time and users will earn more tickets by staking $PETH longer. In this way even a person, who has staked less $PETH, and long-time $PETH supporters will be able to have more benefits by staking their $PETH longer when compared to a person, who staked more $PETH in level 1 Ticket Generator. In short, level multiplier will enable long-time supporters to have more benefits. You can find details in Earning Ticket tab.

There will be regular $PETH buyback periods with the profit of Pethereum game, which are in-app purchases, ad revenues and royalty of secondary NFT sales of Pethereum. The percentage of profit will be proportional to the ratio of Circulated Supply of $PETH to Total Supply of $PETH. $PETH pool will be created with the $PETH we bought from the market with. The staking rewards will be distributed from this buyback pool. You can find details in Buyback Mechanism tab.

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